Portable Sharpeners

Portable Sharpeners

Sharpeners Portable Sharpeners

DMT® folding sharpeners and files available in a range of diamond abrasives, are designed to solve an assortment of sharpening, abrading, and honing challenges. All are lightweight and portable with plastic handles to protect the diamond surface when not in use. Diafold® Models conveniently sized: Open 9.5” (240 mm) Closed 5” (125 mm) and our newer Models Slydr™ (5.5” closed and 9” open) and DiamondVee® (6.1875” closed/open).

DMT® portable knife and tool sharpeners are easy to use, compact for the toolbox, tackle box, home or on–the-go. Folding models are available in a wide range of diamond grits and solve an assortment of sharpening, abrading and honing challenges. All our portable knife and tool sharpeners are light weight and portable with folding engineered resin handles to protect the diamond surface when not in use and new models with a resin case housing the diamond sharpeners. DMT® portable sharpeners can handle any edge, straight, curved or serrated.

Just as with all DMT® brand products, DMT’s portable sharpeners are innovative, precisely engineered, and manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials and workmanship, all supported by the DMT® Commitment.


Diafold® Double-Sided Sharpener

Our most popular, versatile and convenient general sharpening tool. Employs DMT® interrupted surface technology for guaranteed fast, clean and easy results.

Diafold® Singled-Sided Sharpener

Great all-around sharpening at an affordable price.

Diafold® Serrated Knife Sharpener

No longer an arduous chore, sharpening serrated knives is easier than you may think - especially with the DMT® Diafold® Serrated Knife Sharpener. DMT's Diafold® serrated knife sharpener enables you to sharpen even the hardest steel or ceramic blades.

Diafold® Flat File

DMT® has taken the mystery out of putting a proper edge on confined or narrow edges, enabling the user to have complete confidence when cutting and pruning their plants, bushes, flowers and trees. Use for kitchen tools like blender blades, cheese slicers, apple corers, vegetable peelers. A few strokes on a DMT Diamond Flat File and the edge is ready to work for you.

Diafold® Chain Saw

Tune up your chain saw in the shop or in the field. Fast and easy! Being a diamond round file, it can be used to address any curved edge.
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