Crystal Saver® Model

Special needs—special tools! In response to market and user demands, DMT® has created a number of sharpeners that fall into this Specialty category.  Designed to repair crystal or fine china, it's also a useful sharpener for flat and curved edges.

  • Crystal Saver® Model

    Crystal Saver® Model

    Developed for smoothing chipped edges of fine crystal, china, ceramic, glassware or any hard material to nearly new.  A unique product which answers a problem found in virtually every home.  Coarse diamond  to quickly restore a chipped edge.  This half-round sharpener can also be used to restore any flat or curved edge.

    A short list of edges this model can address:

    Smooth chips to glassware, china, and ceramic;  Sharpen Utility Knife, Sickle, Scythe

    (Model: COO)

    Size: 8.25" x .63" x 1" (210mm x 16mm x 25mm)

    Handle: 4" (102mm)

    Available Grits:
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    Continuous Diamond [?]
    Use & Care:
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