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  • Hardcoat™ Surface Sharpeners

    Hardcoat™ Surface Sharpeners

    Diamond abrasives provide the fastest, easiest and most effective way to sharpen an edge, steel or ceramic.  The popular misconception is that ceramic knives don’t need sharpening; but in fact they do lose their edges, and are…

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  • Crystal Saver® Model

    Crystal Saver® Model

    Special needs—special tools! In response to market and user demands, DMT® has created a number of sharpeners that fall into this Specialty category.  Designed to repair crystal or fine china, it's also a useful sharpener for…

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  • Dia-Flat®  Lapping Plate

    Dia-Flat® Lapping Plate

    The DMT® Dia-Flat® Lapping Plate is the superior choice for flattening any abrasive stone like waterstones, oilstones or Arkansas stones because of its supreme flatness and proprietary Diamond Hardcoat Technology™.

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  • Flexi-Sharp® Sheets

    Flexi-Sharp® Sheets

    For hands-on control, use DMT’s Flexi-Sharp® sheets. Flexible steel shim .006" thick, diamond coated on one side. Cut, bend, glue or screw mount to create a custom diamond abrasive tool.

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  • Dia-Paste™ and DiaSpray™

    Dia-Paste™ and DiaSpray™

    Diamond paste and Diamond Suspension for the ultimate polished edge.

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