Guided Sharpening

  • Aligner™ Easy Edge-Guided Knife Sharpening Kit

    Aligner™ Easy Edge-Guided Knife Sharpening Kit

    Properly sharpened knives and tools deliver effective and consistent service. For professional edge-care results, regardless of skill, DMT® Guided Sharpening is the right choice. The patented knife sharpening system combined…

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  • Aligner™ Accessories

    Aligner™ Accessories

    Aligner accessories for easy, guided sharpening.

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  • Diafold ® Magna-Guide®  Kits

    Diafold ® Magna-Guide® Kits

    Combining DMT’s most popular Double Sided Diafold® with its 7-Angle Adjustable Blade Guide for guided sharpening as easy as it gets!

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  • SONIC-Sharp


    Attractive counter model providing sharpening assist without a plug! Operates on 2 AA batteries. Blade openings accommodate most common sports and kitchen knives. Vibrating sharpening heads facilitate sharpening. Sharpening…

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  • SIMPLE-Sharp® Model

    SIMPLE-Sharp® Model

    Easy pull through and gliding motion to sharpen a variety of knives. Set at 18-degree angle. Small footprint for easy use and storage. Sharpens both sides of knife simultaneously for fast and easy sharpening.

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