Folding Models

Diafold® models conveniently sized: Open 9.5"(241mm) Closed 5" (127mm)

  • Diafold® Double Sided Sharpener

    Diafold® Double Sided Sharpener

    Our most popular, versatile and convenient general sharpening tool. Employs DMT® interrupted surface technology for guaranteed fast, clean and easy results.

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  • Diafold® Singled Sided Sharpener

    Diafold® Singled Sided Sharpener

    Great all-around sharpening at an entry-level price

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  • Diafold® Serrated Knife Sharpener

    Diafold® Serrated Knife Sharpener

    No longer an arduous chore, sharpening serrated knives is easier than you may think - especially with the DMT® Diafold® Serrated Knife Sharpener. DMT's Diafold® serrated knife sharpener enables you to sharpen even the hardest…

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  • Diafold® Flat File for Pruners, Loppers & More

    Diafold® Flat File for Pruners, Loppers & More

    DMT® has taken the mystery out of putting a proper edge on confined or narrow edges, enabling the user to have complete confidence when cutting and pruning their plants, bushes, flowers and trees. A few strokes on a DMT…

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  • Diafold® Chain Saw

    Diafold® Chain Saw

    Tune up your chain saw in the shop or in the field. Fast and easy!

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