Bench Stones

  • Diamond Whetstone™ Bench Stones

    Diamond Whetstone™ Bench Stones

    Diamond Whetstone™ Models employ the interrupted diamond surface with recessed holes that collect the metal fines during sharpening, preventing loading and making sharpening fast, easy and clean.

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  • DuoSharp® Bench Stone

    DuoSharp® Bench Stone

    Double-Sided. Innovative. Multi-Patented. DuoSharp® Bench Stones are precision flat, two diamond surfaced sharpener guaranteed to provide consistent, even sharpening every time.  Employs DMT® interrupted surface technology.…

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  • Dia-Sharp® Bench Stone

    Dia-Sharp® Bench Stone

    For users who prefer a continous surface or must sharpen small or pointed tools, Dia-Sharp® Bench Stones are an excellent choice. They offer the same micronized monocrystalline diamond as DMT®’s signature polka dot pattern and…

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  • Diamond Wave™ and Honing Cones

    Diamond Wave™ and Honing Cones

    DMT® Diamond sharpeners especially designed for tools with curved edges. As with all DMT® products they are precisely engineered, and USA manufactured using the highest quality materials and workmanship, all supported by the…

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  • Accessories


    To prevent slipping on counter or workbench, use one of DMT®’s bench stone accessories!

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  • Dia-Sharp® Magna-Disc™ System

    Dia-Sharp® Magna-Disc™ System

    The Magna-Disc™ system allows your Work-Sharp™ powered sharpener to perform faster, cooler and more economically than with paper disks.

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