Portable Sharpeners

Portable Sharpeners

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Sharpening Knives and Tools with DMT Double-Sided Diafold

Double-Sided Diafold is portable to work for you at home or on the be job.

DMT's Single Sided Diafold Sharpener for Tools and Knives

Single-Sided Diafold takes care many edges around the home, garden, shop and in the field.

Sharpen Curved and Serrated Edges

Sharpen Curved or Serrated Edges with DMT's Diafold Serrated Sharpener

Sharpen a range of tools with DMT's Diamond Flat File

DMT's Diamond Flat File is perfect for hard to access edge sharpening and more!

Double Sided Diafold® in Fine / Extra-Fine Hardcoat™ Surface

Diamond Hardcoat™ Double Sided Diafold® in Fine / Extra-Fine designed with the Hardcoat Technology to endure to rigors of sharpening ceramic knives. All DMT diamond sharpeners can handle ceramic sharpening but with the Hardcoat surface, the DMT stone will last longer!

Diafold Clear Complete

Convenient, portable, versatile sharpening for home, garden, shop, or in-the-field camping, hunting, or fishing.

Single Sided Diafold Sharpeners

Sharpen a variety of knives and tools with the convenient, portable folding sharpener.

Double Sided Diafold Sharpener

Portablility and versatility in one with two different diamond grit surfaces in one sharpener.

Serrated Diafold Sharpeners

Keep your serrated knives and bread knife razor sharp with this portable, diamond serrated sharpener.

Diafold® Flat File

Keep your apple corer sharp with DMT! Make your slicing easier and quicker whether it's just for a few slices or the special apple pie or crisp.

4-inch Dia-Sharp® Pocket Stone

The Dia-Sharp® 4-in. continuous diamond sharpening stone delivers full-size sharpening while maximizing work and storage space. Perfectly suited for small contact area and pointed tools

3-inch Credit Card Style Dia-Sharp® Sharpeners

Take your sharpening anywhere with the ready-to-go Dia-Sharp® credit card sized diamond sharpener. Fits easily in pocket or wallet. Comes in convenient vinyl grit color-coded carry case.

4-inch Diamond Whetstone™ Models

With 6 different diamond grits to choose from (XXCoarse to XXFine!) plus 3 grits offered in a machinist model. (That just means there is a continuous diamond surface along with the interrupted [polka-dot] surface! The continuous is great for small pointed tools. But you can use the whole surface for sharpening regardless.) The stone comes with a leather carry pouch

Mini-Sharp® "Anywhere-Anytime" Sharpeners

You can easily carry this sharpener with you everywhere you go...as a key chain...on backpacks...so you can keep your edges sharp all the time!

Double Sided Diafold Sharpener Knife Sharpening

Double-Sided Diafold is portable to work for you at home or on the be job.

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