Landscaping, Floral and Hydro

Landscaping, Floral and Hydro

How To Sharpen Videos: DMT® Sharpeners Landscaping, Floral and Hydro

Sharpening Anvil Pruners with DMT Double Sided Diafold® Sharpener

Keep your anvil pruners sharp with DMT Sharpeners! Depending on the your tool size, use the double sided, single or flat file to keep these edges sharp. Be sure to clean your tool first.

Sharpening Garden Trowel with DMT Mini-Sharp® Sharpener

You may not think about taking care of your garden trowel (or spade or hoe), but keeping all your garden tool edges sharp makes your job easier. Be sure to clean your tool first!

Cleaning DMT Diamond Stones

If your diamond stone is not cutting quickly (i.e., sharpening your tool) chances are it needs a good cleaning. From our video, you can see how easy it is to keep your DMT sharpeners clean and ready for your dull knives, pruners, chisels, router bits...well, all your edges!

Diafold® Diamond Flat File Sharpening ByPass Pruners

The flat file is perfect for sharpening a number of garden tools and is especially handy for any narrow applications. Just a few strokes and you are gready to use your pruners!

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