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Sharp Kitchen Shears with DMT Sharpeners

Keep your kitchen shears sharp with DMT hand-held sharpeners.

Keep your Vegetable Peeler Sharp!

It is very easy to keep your vegetable peeler sharp with DMT Flat file. Peeling will be easy with sharp edges!

Keep You Cheese Slicer Edge Sharp with DMT Sharpeners

Dull edges will result in broken pieces rather than nice cheese slices! The DMT diamond flat file will keep your slicer's edge sharp.

It's Easy to Sharpen Specialty Scissors

Whether for sewing or scrap booking, you need to keep your scissors sharp. Stan shows you how!

Double Sided Diafold® Sharpener Sharpening Scissors and Shears

Sharpen scissors and shears with ease with DMT's portable folding 2-sided sharpener.

Sharpening a Draw Knife with a Diafold® Sharpener

DMT 's Diafold® or Honing Cones (depending upon the style of draw knife) can be used to keep your draw knife sharp for all those wood projects!

Sharpening a Mezzaluna with 10-in. DuoSharp® Bench Stone

Restore older kitchen tools edges or refresh the edge of new ones quickly and easily with DMT's diamond stones

Sharpen Ceramic Knives with DMT's Single Sided Diafold

Only diamond can sharpen ceramic knives. See how easy it is with a hand-held, Diafold sharpener.

Sharpening Scissors with DMT's Single Sided Diafold

Keep your scissors sharp and ready to use with DMT's diamond Diafold sharpener.

Diafold® Flat File for Kitchen Tools

Everyone knows to sharpen their knives, but we sometimes forget about those other kitchen tools with edges. Here is a few where the Diafold Flat File will come in handy!cription

Diafold® Flat File or Mini-Hone® Sharpener for your Apple Corer

Keep your apple corer sharp with DMT! Make your slicing easier and quicker whether it's just for a few slices or the special apple pie or crisp.

Cleaning DMT Diamond Stones

If your diamond stone is not cutting quickly (i.e., sharpening your tool) chances are it needs a good cleaning. From our video, you can see how easy it is to keep your DMT sharpeners clean and ready for your dull knives, pruners, chisels, router bits...well, all your edges!

8-inch DuoSharp® bench stone extra-fine/fine sharpening a ceramic knife

Yes you can sharpen your ceramic knives! All you need is a DMT diamond sharpener. Here we use our 8-inch DuoSharp® bench stone to sharpen our ceramic knife!

Diamond Mini-Sharp® Sharpener - Sharpening Scissors

The diamond Mini-Sharp® sharpener is handy to use any where, any time. Whether knives, garden tools, shop tools or scissors, this small sharpener proves to be big at handling many sharpening tasks!

Crystal Saver® Model -- THE Original!

Save your crystal, china, ceramics! Smooth over the rough chip to extend the life of your treasures.

Sharpening Serrated Edges with DMT® Diafold® Serrated Sharpeners

Take care of serrated edges easily with Diafold® Serrated Sharpeners.

Diafold Clear Complete

Convenient, portable, versatile sharpening for home, garden, shop, or in-the-field camping, hunting, or fishing.

Sharpen Paring Knife with DMT Diamond Whetstone™

Keep all your knives and tools sharp with DMT's 6-inch Diamond Whetstone™ model, one of our most popular bench stone models. Shown here in fine, you can maintain a sharp edge on your paring knives and other knives and tools at home, in the field or shop.

Sharpening Ceramic Knives with DMT

The only way to keep your ceramic edge sharp is with a diamond abrasive. DMT will keep you razor sharp!

DMT® Magna-Guide® Sharpener - Filet Knife

The only way to keep your ceramic edge sharp is with a diamond abrasive. DMT will keep you razor sharp!

Knife Skills - Sharpening - Slicing an onion

Easy to follow steps for sharpening knives & slicing an onion! Check Us Out!

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