Yankee Magazine Features DMT in Latest Issue Sharpening Products included “New England’s Finest” Guide

Sharpening Products included “New England’s Finest” Guide


Marlborough, MA—DMT Diamond Machining Technology, the worldwide leader in diamond sharpening, is proud to be featured in Yankee Magazine's March/April 2013 issue. The "Made-in-New England Kitchen" piece presents the region’s finest tools and kitchenware. DMT’s DuoSharp®Plus™ whetstone and Diamond Steel™ honing rod are shown hanging on a kitchen pegboard alongside knives from R. Murphy Co. in Ayer, Mass.; copper cookware from DH&M Co. in Providence, RI; and a "Big Mama" rolling pin from Vermont Farm Table in Burlington, VT.

"We are honored that Yankee Magazine chose to include DMT in its all-New England kitchen feature," said Mark Brandon, president of DMT. "These products are not only made locally, they are also the finest in their category and demonstrate the quality and workmanship that define DMT. Any kitchen enthusiast knows sharp knives make cooking a pleasure. The DMT DuoSharpPlus and Diamond Steel are the perfect tools to give any chef the edge she needs."

The DuoSharpPlus offers double-sided diamond sharpening with DMT’s iconic polka-dot pattern interrupted surface that self-cleans to ensure continuous edge contact. This surface, innovated by DMT, is often imitated in appearance, but never equaled in quality or function. DMT’s Diamond Steels are designed for safety with a sanitary plastic handle and a large guard, and they provide the ultimate in honing. By sharpening with the DuoSharp every month or so, and honing with the Diamond Steel every other use, professional chefs and home cooks alike will keep their knives performing like new for years.

"Today’s kitchen knives are made from harder steel and include more chromium to resist stains and rust. Sharpening and honing with diamonds is faster and yields a better edge than conventional abrasives and protects the investment in expensive cutlery," said Brandon.

Like all DMT products, the DuoSharpPlus and Diamond Steel are proudly Made in the USA and feature the most diamond per square inch in the industry combined with a proprietary process that ensures near-perfect consistency in grit size. The DuoSharpPlus, like all of the company’s whetstones, is engineered to provide unrivaled flatness. Simply put, DMT’s premium products are best-in-class with undeniable long-lasting value.