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DMT’s new Double Sided Dia-Sharp® Bench Stone with MagnaBase™ System combines a large two-sided continuous diamond sharpening stone with a one-of-a-kind magnetic base. The stone enables longer and more consistent sharpening strokes, while the base affords quick and easy grit changes plus stability. As a whole, the system offers the ultimate in two-stage sharpening. And, like all DMT products, the new Double-Sided Dia-Sharp MagnaBase System delivers Made in America quality and performance.

One of DMT’s most enthusiastic fans is Gayle Bradley (Bradley’s Blades), a high-quality custom knifemaker for more than 25 years. Gayle thinks this new product is one of DMT’s best products ever and says it’s quickly become his favorite sharpener. “This is the perfect sharpening device. I love it,” said Gayle. “Even though the stone is only slightly larger than one of DMT’s other models, that extra half-inch is very important and makes a big difference. The fact that the base elevates the stone off the countertop, and the fact it holds the stone by magnets instead of latches or clips, are big bonuses. And it’s very stable, even on slick granite counters. Plus, I like that you have just one stone to carry around that gives you two different grits.”

Ernie Conover—a renowned woodworking author and instructor, and founder of Conover Workshops—also has high praise for DMT’s new Double-Sided Dia-Sharp MagnaBase System. “The system’s Double-Sided Dia-Sharp Bench Stone is dead flat out of the box and always will be. When reforming a really dull edge nothing cuts faster than diamonds. When sharpening very narrow tools, such as a one-eighth inch wide bench chisel, it is very easy to gouge a trench in a water stone. This diamond stone takes it in stride. Like the 800-pound gorilla, you can’t hurt it,” Ernie said. “The magnetic base is nifty and works quite well. I highly recommend this system for anything from sharpening woodworking tools to keeping chefs happy with their knives.”

With each side measuring 12 inches by 3 inches, the system’s Double-Sided Dia-Sharp Bench Stone provides a full 72 square inches of sharpening surface. The system is available in two different grit combinations: Coarse/Extra-Coarse (45 micron/60 micron) and Extra-Fine/Fine (9 micron/25 micron). The Dia-Sharp’s precision-flat, continuous diamond surface can accommodate all sharpening needs for discerning woodworkers and knife enthusiasts and is also ideal for sharpening small or pointed tools.

The system’s MagnaBase is designed exclusively to fit the 12-inch Dia-Sharp Stone. This unique magnetic base makes it a snap to change grits by flipping over or replacing the stone with a different grit combination. Its secure foundation boosts safety and stability during the sharpening process.

“The Magna Base System was designed with quite a bit of customer input,” said DMT President Mark Brandon. “Sales of our Dia-Sharp bench stones have had strong growth and we received many requests for a stone and base combination similar to our very successful DuoSharp line. We think this product is the answer to those requests.”

The Double-Sided Dia-Sharp MagnaBase System will be available for order starting March 18th at and   See a demo video here.

DMT Made in America sharpeners feature the most diamond per square inch in the industry and a proprietary process that ensures near-perfect consistency in grit size. Plus, they’re engineered to be the flattest on the market. Simply put, DMT’s premium products are best-in-class with undeniable long-lasting value.

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