As the world’s premier athletes gather in Sochi for the Winter Olympics, one inspiring speed skater will be missing. Kevin Frost, a Canadian who is both deaf and blind, won’t be in Russia because speed skating is not part of the Paralympic Winter Games. But Kevin is determined to change that, and he continues to petition the International Paralympic Committee to recognize his sport. DMT is proud to support this ambitious goal and to sponsor Kevin as he trains for and competes in other races.

 “We are amazed by Kevin’s ability and determination. Speed skating for those with full sight and hearing is an incredible challenge; I honestly can’t fathom how Kevin competes at such a high level in this sport,” said DMT President Mark Brandon. “His story is beyond inspirational. We are so pleased to provide diamond sharpening equipment to help Kevin boost his performance and achievements, and ultimately, reach his goal of competing in the Paralympics.”

 When skating on one-millimeter thick blades in races often decided by thousandths of seconds, sharpness is key. Kevin’s coach Mike Rivet, recipient of Speed Skating Canada’s Coaching Excellence Award, worked with DMT to determine the right products to give Kevin the best competitive edge. Accordingly, DMT provided six 10-inch DuoSharp Bench Stones and four 4-inch Diamond Whetstones in a variety of grits. Kevin and Mike are extremely pleased with the results they’re achieving.

 “The DMT products give me an extra edge on my blades, better than any other sharpeners I’ve tried. I can trust DMT to provide that special touch that empowers me to skate harder and faster,” Kevin said.

 The diamond sharpening products from DMT help Kevin achieve clean, consistent and precisely sharpened edges on his skates. These Made in the USA sharpeners are portable and convenient, helping to keep skates—not to mention skis, snowboards and luges—professionally tuned on the go. And Kevin isn’t alone: Olympic and professionals athletes have trusted DMT for years because DMT permanently bonds only the finest single crystal diamonds to its stones. DMT diamonds are the highest quality and the best value on the market.

 Kevin has Usher Syndrome, which causes hearing loss and a blinding disorder called retinitis pigmentosa. In the sixth grade, doctors discovered Kevin was living with 75 percent hearing loss; today he has 90 percent hearing loss. His vision is just four percent of what fully sighted people have—in essence, he sees the world through a tiny pinhole. Yet, Kevin is 10th in the world against able-bodied Master speed skaters, winning 42 medals in this category to date. He also has won 16 gold medals and set eight world records in blind speed skating and is a two-time World Champion in Blind Long Track and Short Track.

 “It is my passion to motivate as many people as I can to believe in their dreams,” said Kevin. In his spare time, he volunteers for missions with deaf and blind children in Third World countries. He has given nearly 300 motivational talks around the world. A film about his achievements, Blind Ambition, premiered in 2012.

 While millions the world over follow the Olympics in Russia, Kevin will continue his training and competing—striving for the day when his sport is included in the Paralympic Games so he, too, can go for Olympic gold. Read more about Kevin at