Free Knife Sharpening Available to Show Attendees


Marlborough, MA—Representatives from DMT Diamond Machining Technology—the worldwide leader in diamond sharpening—will be traveling to Saratoga Springs, New York for the 22nd Annual Northeastern Woodworkers Association Woodworking Showcase. The Showcase attracts exhibitors and visitors from throughout the Northeast, as well as national businesses, and features demonstrations, a wide array of works from the area’s finest woodworkers and more. DMT is proud to bring its Made in the USA diamond sharpening products to this fine woodworking show at Saratoga Springs City Center on March 23 and 24.

Celebrated for their remarkable speed, ease of use and precision flatness, DMT’s Diamond Sharpeners offer a faster and simpler approach to every woodworker’s sharpening needs. All woodworkers know the importance of tool sharpening, but it can be a chore. DMT transforms the process from a messy, costly and time-consuming task into an effortless, satisfying routine.

With DMT, a myriad of tools and edges can be sharpened in a fraction of the time and with far less effort than it takes with conventional sharpeners like waterstones and Arkansas stones. A few light strokes are all that’s needed, and there are no messy oils to struggle with: simply sharpen dry or with a few drops of water. Among the products DMT will feature at the Woodworking Showcase are the most popular models in its DuoSharp® and Dia-Sharp® lines. As an added bonus, DMT’s expert staff will provide free knife sharpening to booth visitors.

The 10-inch and 8-inch DuoSharp Bench Stones offer double-sided diamond sharpening with DMT’s iconic polka-dot pattern interrupted surface that self-cleans to ensure continuous edge contact. This surface, innovated by DMT, is often imitated in appearance, but never equaled in quality or function. Both sizes of the DuoSharp are available in four different grit combinations: Coarse/Extra-Coarse, Fine/Coarse, Extra-Fine/Fine and Extra-Fine/Coarse.

The 8-inch Dia-Sharp Bench Stone is DMT’s most popular model in this line. It features a continuous surface of diamond that’s perfect for sharpening small or pointed tools and is large enough to handle almost any tool or knife. The Dia-Sharp comes in all six DMT diamond grits: Extra Extra-Coarse, Extra-Coarse, Coarse, Fine, Extra-Fine and Extra Extra-Fine. 

Like all DMT products, the DuoSharp and Dia-Sharp Bench Stones are proudly Made in the USA and feature the DMT Difference: superior diamond coverage and uniformity combined with unrivaled flatness. DMT sharpeners feature the most diamond per square inch in the industry and a proprietary process that ensures near-perfect consistency in grit size, and they are engineered to be the flattest sharpeners on the market. Simply put, DMT’s premium sharpeners are best-in-class products with undeniable long-lasting value.

Professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike have long trusted DMT to keep their woodworking tools performing like new for years.