Features New Eco-friendly Packaging & Redesigned Handles


The best-selling product line of the world’s finest diamond sharpeners is getting a makeover. The Diafold’s new eco-friendly packaging and redesigned handles improve both sustainability and convenience without sacrificing performance or price.

DMT Diamond Machining Technology pioneered the folding diamond sharpener with its original Diafold model in 1986. It quickly became the company’s most popular product. Over the years, DMT has expanded the line and grit selections, but this marks the first product and packaging redesign. Products in the revamped Diafold line will be available for purchase beginning January 15, 2013.

"We’re excited to introduce the next generation of the Diafold product family. Long recognized for excellent performance and utility, we believe the new features boost the merits of the Diafold line and will continue to make it one of our best sellers," says DMT President Mark Brandon.

The new Diafold® packaging is smaller, lighter and uses 93 percent less plastic. Of additional benefit to distributors and retailers, the packaging is more tamper-resistant and does not change product UPC or Bar Codes. For consumers, it is easier to open after purchase and clearly defines DMT’s color-coded grit classification.

And speaking of clear. . . each model in the Diafold line features new see-through handles manufactured from tough engineered resin. These handles maintain the compact folding stow-and-go design that protects the Diafold when not in use, but now they allow users to immediately identify the tool type, making it easier to select the right tool for the task at hand. In fact, it’s the ability to display the Diafold in its folded position that allowed for the development of the new and improved packaging.

Today’s Diafold line includes six tool types:

  • Single sided
  • Single sided with fishhook groove
  • Double sided
  • Flat file
  • Serrated
  • Chain saw

Like all DMT products, the Diafold sharpeners are proudly Made in the USA and feature the DMT Difference: superior diamond coverage and uniformity combined with unrivaled flatness. DMT sharpeners feature the most diamond per square inch in the industry and a proprietary process that ensures near-perfect consistency in grit size, and they are engineered to be the flattest sharpeners on the market. The iconic polka-dot surface pattern self-cleans while sharpening to ensure continuous edge contact. This surface, innovated by DMT, is often imitated in appearance, but never equaled in quality or function. Simply put, DMT’s premium sharpeners are best-in-class products with undeniable long-lasting value.

Chefs, home cooks, woodworkers, gardeners, DIYers and outdoor enthusiasts have long relied on DMT’s innovative products to ensure peak performance from their knives and tools.