Extremely Durable; Ideal for Ceramic Knives & More


DMT Diamond Machining Technology is proud to unveil three products with its proprietary Hardcoat™ surface sharpening technology. Originally introduced on the company’s DiaFlat® lapping plate, the Hardcoat surface provides the extra durability needed for long-term sharpening of ceramic or steel knives. 

Ceramic blades are all the rage, but present a bit of a conundrum. While harder than the hardest steels, they are also delicate and more prone to nicks and dings. And there’s a popular misconception that ceramic knives don’t need sharpening but, in fact, they do lose their edges slowly over time. While all DMT sharpeners can handle the hardest materials, including ceramic, the company is taking it to the next level with its proprietary Hardcoat surface. This technology offers the toughest and longest-lasting diamond surface ever, making it especially suited for the rigors of sharpening ceramic knives as well as the hardest steel blades. 

The premium Hardcoat surface is now available on three of DMT’s most popular and versatile products:

  • 8-inch DuoSharp® HC Sharpener with Base (Extra-Fine/Fine grit combination; Model W8EF-H-WB)
  • 12-inch Diamond Steel HC Sharpener (Fine grit; Model DS2F-H)
  • Diafold® HC Double-Sided Sharpener (Extra-Fine/Fine grit combination; Model FWMEF-H) 

Like all DMT products, these premium sharpeners—in the Hardcoat white design—will produce excellent, consistent results time after time, year after year. Best of all, they’re Made in the USA and backed by DMT’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.