Winter Sports

Maintain Control

Safety on the mountain begins with control. DMT® products maximize edge performance for the ultimate snow experience.


DMT® Diamond Stones and Edgers have become standard equipment worldwide for professional ski and snowboard tuners. Many World Cup racers have won medals on skis tuned on DMT® products. Only DMT® Diamond can manage the extreme hardness of ski and snowboard edges. More importantly, they can quickly remove even the super hard edge burrs that result from rock damage and man-made snow. Save time, effort, and steel file costs by using DMT® Diamond Stone™ Edgers. Choose from small pocket stones in two sizes, 70mm or 4”, and four grits or 70mm stone plus tuning guides to hold constant bevel angles. DMT® stones stay flat, and last – they give the winning edge to skis, snowboards, speedskates, iceboats and luges.


Whether your are a professional or novice skier or professional snowboarder,  DMT® produces an arsenal of sharpeners to keep your equipment professionally tuned..or detuned. Available for both back room tuning and on the slope touch-up. Use any of the Diamond Whetstone™ Edgers listed below or the DMT® Burr Doctor®.  Time and time again, DMT® has proven to give the winning edge.


Professional teams worldwide rely on DMT® product as their skate sharpeners of choice.  A true value, DMT® sharpeners deliver performance again and again, remain flat and are a trusted part of team equipment. 

Suggested Products by Application:

Skis and Snowboards: 4" Diamond Whetstone™ Edger 70mm Diamond Whetstone™ Edger , Burr Doctor® 

Speedskates:   DuoSharp® Sharpeners

Ice Hockey Skates: 4" Diamond Whetstone™ Edger , 70 mm Diamond Whetstone™ Edger

Ice Boat Racing, Crampons, Ice Pick, Ice Auger: Diafold® Sharpeners