Gardening, Landscaping & Floral Tool Sharpeners

DMT® gardening tool sharpeners renew your tool edges, allowing you to enjoy effortless cuts. With a sharp edge, garden and landscaping tools produce smooth, clean cuts that are better for plants.

A few strokes on a DMT sharpener will renew your pruners and loppers, clippers, shears, scissors and other gardening tools to contribute to a more productive gardening experience. No need for electricity or oils!

Sharp tools require less effort, making pruning and clipping a simple task. DMT® offers a wide range of gardening tool sharpeners for rapid restoration of the cutting edge on dull gardening tools. All DMT products have The DMT® Difference - we use only the highest quality construction and diamonds to give you the easiest, fastest sharpening tools ever.

Hone pruners, knives, loppers, edgers, axes, shears – even lawnmower blades. DMT sharpeners enable gardeners of all skill levels to keep all of their gardening and landscaping tools in top condition. Horticulturists, gardeners, nursery growers, and enthusiasts worldwide turn to DMT Diamond Machining Technology for the finest cutting edge possible, every time!

Just as with all DMT brand products, DMT's gardening tool sharpeners are innovative, precisely engineered, and manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Learn more about DMT gardening tool sharpeners and be sure to browse our entire product selection to find the perfect sharpening tool for your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us - we would love to hear from you!

Suggested Products by Application:

Pruners, Shears, Grafting Knife: DMT® Diafold® Flat File

Chain SawsDiafold® Chain Saw Sharpeners

Loppers, Pruning Saws, Edge Shears, Clippers, Pole Saws: DMT® Diafold®Sharpeners, Dia-Sharp® Mini-Hone®

Mower Blades: DMT® Diafold® Sharpeners, DuoSharp® Benchstones

Shovel, Spade, Hoe: DMT® Diamond Whetstone™ , Dia-Sharp®

Popular Product:

Diafold® Double Sided Sharpener

Diafold Double Sided Gardening Tool Sharpener
  • 2 sharpening surfaces in one - a great value
  • Folds for compact storage and portability.
  • Perfect for any gardening tool, including pruners, shears, and other gardening blades.

Models starting at $44.40

View Diafold® Double Sided Sharpener