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Use DMT® Diamond kitchen knife sharpeners to easily sharpen and extend the life of kitchen knives and other edged culinary tools. Beginners and pros can feel confident in the results.

DMT® Diamond Sharpeners will quickly sharpen the hardest stainless steel kitchen cutlery while removing a minimum of material from the blade, unlike electric sharpeners. Whether you have a Chef's knife, a Sashimi Knife, Ceramic knife or even a steep angled meat cleaver, DMT® kitchen knife sharpeners can do it all.

Many chefs and home cooks prefer to use a Diamond Whetstone™ to sharpen their favorite culinary knife. A few light strokes are all that is needed. You can use a whetstone to sharpen whenever you need to re-align an edge or just because you prefer to use a kitchen bench stone. Having a Diamond Whetstone™ in the kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t also use it to sharpen other edged tools that you may have in your home – scissors, woodworking tools, and more. DMT kitchen knife sharpeners are a great value and offer a lot of sharpening potential from just one culinary knife sharpener.

DMT's Hardcoat™ Surface 

Our latest innovation for ceramic knife sharpening!

Diamond abrasives provide the fastest, easiest and most effective way to sharpen an edge, steel or ceramicThe popular misconception is that ceramic knives don’t need sharpening; but in fact they do lose their edges, and are more prone to nicks and dings. All DMT® diamond sharpeners work on ceramic edges and hardened steels alike, and now the new HC™ surface offers the toughest and longest-lasting diamond surface ever, making it especially suited for the rigors of sharpening ceramic knives. 

Available in 3 versatile and popular models, these premium steel and ceramic sharpeners will produce excellent, consistent results time after time, year after year. 

Hardcoat™ Surface Sharpeners :

  • Diamond Steel™ HC™ Fine
  • DuoSharp® Bench Stone HC™ ExFine/Fine
  • Diafold® HC™ ExFine/Fine

A Word About Steels: Traditional butcher steels do not remove much metal because they are about as hard as the knife; they only align the edge. Since they remove very little metal, they round the shoulders of the blade. This diminishes the life of the knife.

A Diamond Steel™ is a different story entirely.  A Diamond Steel™ actually sharpens while it aligns the edge, providing value in time and money. Each time you sharpen on a Diamond Steel™, a very small amount of steel is removed, keeping the edge of the knife thin and the angle maintained. The diamond, or unbreakable Ceramic Steel, extends the life of culinary knives, ceramic edges, and cleaver blades. This alone can pay for the cost of the DMT® culinary knife sharpener!

Guided Sharpening: Are you intimidated by the idea of sharpening your own knives? Don’t be! Don’t waste money throwing away perfectly good kitchen knives just because they are dull. We have the ideal sharpening solution for you. Choose from our Aligner™ series or our Diafold® Magna-Guide™series products.

Chipped Edges: A unique product that answers a problem found in virtually every home, the Crystal Saver® model smoothes chipped edges on fine crystal, ceramic, glassware or any hard material.

Perfect for the Kitchen: Just as with all DMT brand products, DMT's kitchen sharpeners are innovative, precisely engineered, and manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Check out some of our favorite kitchen knife sharpeners to learn more, and be sure to browse our entire product selection to find the perfect sharpening tool for your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us - we would love to hear from you!

Suggested Products by Application:

Kitchen Bench Stones

Since 1976, DMT has been a worldwide leader and innovator of diamond knife sharpening products relied on by people who rely on sharp edges. DMT's kitchen bench stones are known for their superior quality and are easy to use, allowing you to sharpen your culinary knives in a fraction of the time required by other methods. DMT kitchen bench stones are effective for sharpening all types of kitchen blades, including cermaic edges and cleaver blades.

Learn more about specific kitchen bench stones or browse our complete product catalog to find the perfect sharpener for all of your needs.

Ceramic Sharpeners

DMT offers two types of sharpeners for the kitchen - diamond edge and ceramic edge sharpeners. DMT's ceramic sharpeners are unbreakable, providing the finest polished edge of all bonded abrasives. Our ceramic edge sharpener is made using a patented process that combines the finer quality of edge that ceramic provides with the ease-of-use of a typical sharpener.

Learn more about our premium ceramic sharpener or browse our full collection of culinary knife sharpeners to find the perfect tool for your needs.

Cleaver Blade Sharpeners

Looking for an effective cleaver sharpener? Keeping your meat cleaver blade sharp and in top condition can seem intimidating because of the blade's size, however, our whetstones, bench stones, and other sharpeners can help even beginners keep blades of all types sharp and ready to use. Our diamond and ceramic sharpeners are both often used as an effective cleaver sharpener, enabling you to keep all of your kitchen blades in prime condition.

Learn more about the best cleaver sharpeners and culinary knife sharpeners, or browse our entire catalog to find the perfect tool for your needs.

Kitchen Knife Sharpeners

Regardless of whether you have a steel blade or a ceramic blade, kitchen knives need sharpening. DMT Diamond Machining Technology’s proprietary HardCoat™ surface sharpening technology offers the toughest and longest-lasting diamond surface ever, making it especially suited for repairing and sharpening ceramic kitchen knives as well as the hardest steel blades. Our kitchen sharpener is a one-stop solution for all of your sharpening needs.

Manual diamond sharpening is the quickest and easiest sharpening method and - unlike other sharpening systems - it actually protects the investment in expensive cutlery. Like all DMT® products, these premium kitchen sharpeners will produce excellent, consistent results time after time, year after year. Learn more about all of our kitchen knife sharpeners, or browse the rest of our extensive catalog to find the sharpening solution that fits your needs.

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 Serrated Knives, Bread Knives -   Diafold® Serrated Sharpener  

Ceramic KnivesDiamond Bench Stones, Aligner™Easy Edge-Guided Sharpening System

Crystal, China, Ceramic or Glassware - Chip Repair: Crystal Saver®

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