DMT® Difference

Diamond abrasives provide the fastest, easiest and most effective way to sharpen an edge. Unrivaled in both performance and durability, DMT® brand sharpeners have earned the reputation as the best sharpening products on the planet.

The DMT® Difference

Since 1976, DMT® has  been in business to do just one thing: make the world’s best diamond sharpeners. Product innovations such as our signature polka-dot interrupted surface, and others with our continuous surface of high-performance diamond, are praised worldwide for their superior quality. From pocket-sized whetstones to heavy-duty bench stones, the difference arrives time and again through our undivided pursuit of sharpening excellence.

Quality Must Be Manufactured, Not Fabricated

Diamond Coverage differs widely from one manufacturer to the next. For long-lasting performance, DMT® makes certain that each sharpening surface carries the most diamonds per square inch in the industry.

Diamond Uniformity is also key to sharpener performance. DMT® uses a proprietary process that ensures near-perfect consistency in grit size. The result is a micronized monocrystalline diamond that covers evenly across the sharpening surface to prove effective with every use, year after year.

Beware of imitators!
The DMT® sharpening surface (left) exhibits full coverage and the diamonds show striking consistency in size to ensure peak performance and durability. The copycat surface (right) carries a sparse, patchy coating made from a jumble of different sized diamonds.

Surface Flatness can mean the difference between a well-honed tool and one that is barely serviceable. Flat surfaces maintain consistent, even contact with the edge to produce a bevel that carries the same degree of sharpness from end to end. DMT® sharpeners are engineered to be the flattest on the market, and built to outlast other products, which are variable in surface, and often warped, hollowed or grooved.

DMT® gives it to you straight.
Like all DMT® sharpeners, the Diamond Whetstone™ (left) proves flat every time. When tested against a precision straight edge, no light appears between the sharpening surface and straight edge. The copycat whetstone (right) may look similar to a Diamond Whetstone™, but when tested for flatness the difference is obvious. The light shines through to reveal a surface that fails to prove flat.

Start Experiencing the Difference Today

When compared under every condition related to diamond quality and sharpener performance, it becomes clear that DMT® products truly have no competition. Proving more than just the best way to produce a first-rate edge, our sharpeners save you from coping with an entire toolbox of second-rate ones. That’s why you owe it to yourself, and your tools, to choose nothing less than a DMT® diamond sharpener. Take a look at our full line of products and place your order today!

How does DMT® compare to drag-through sharpeners?
The difference between an edge created by a DMT® sharpener (left) and one made with a typical drag-through sharpener (right) is obvious under the microscope. The DMT® sharpener produces a clean, razor-sharp edge while the drag-through sharpener leaves a trail of metal burrs that quickly bend and flake off with use.