Diamond Steel™ Sharpener

DMT® combines fast honing diamond surfaces with the realigning and convenience found in traditional steels for sharper results! If it’s not DIAMOND it’s not sharpening.  Whether you select by personal preference or by blade length, DMT® offers the right model for you.

  • Diamond Steel™

    Diamond Steel™

    Yankee Mag Mar-Apr 2013 Diamond Steel™ available in 14", 12" or 10". Fast honing diamond surface with the realigning function and convenience of traditional butcher's steel.  A diamond sharpening rod with sanitary black plastic handle with large guard and color coded ring for easy grit designation and hang-up.

    14" and 10" available in Fine.  12" in both Fine and Extra-Fine. 

    (Models: DS4F, DS2F, DS2E, DSOF)


    14-in: 14” x .375” (356 mm x 10 mm)

    12-in: 12” x .375” (304 mm x 10 mm)

    10-in: 10” x .375” (254 mm x 10 mm). 

    Available Grits:
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    Continuous Diamond [?]
    Use & Care:
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