It’s all about performance.

Sharp tools make every job easier. Unleash your creativity with tools that work with you, not against you. DMT® offers solutions that will make any tool sharp.


The first rule of shop maintenance is sharpen your tools. DMT® Diamond Whetstones™, DuoSharp® Bench Stones and Dia-Sharp® Bench Stones,  are renowned by woodworkers and others for their remarkable sharpening speed, precision flatness and ease of use.

Users typically report completing a sharpening task in a fraction of the time required by conventional sharpeners, such as oil/water/arkansas stones. Saving time will be your reward for sharpening with DMT® Diamond Sharpeners!

The sharpening speed of DMT® products is a function of:

  1. The precisely sized micron monocrystalline diamond; the single crystal super abrasive that provides durability and toughness which is most effective on all the new harder tool steels.
  2. The unique interrupted surface of recessed polka dots collects and removes the metal fines removed from the tool edge during the sharpening process. This feature keeps the DMT® diamond-sharpening surface performing – making your sharpening task that much faster.

Powered wet wheel grinders are slow and can be expensive with all those complicated attachments and jigs. With electric grinders, it’s difficult to control the amount of material removed plus you risk damaging the temper of the metal, which weakens the tool edge. Take a simpler, easier, less costly approach to all your sharpening needs by relying on DMT® Diamond Sharpeners.  But, if you do use a WorkSharp® System, DMT® offers the Magna-Disc™ system which allows your Work-Sharp® powered sharpener to perform faster, cooler and more economically than with paper disks.

Suggested Products By Application:


Chisel, Plane Iron, Spokeshaves: DuoSharp® Sharpeners, Diamond Whetstones.

Utility Knives, Draw Knives: Bench Stones, Diafold® Sharpeners

Carving Tools: Diamond Wave™ and Honing Cones

Router Bits: Diafold® Sharpeners

Circular Saw Blades: Diafold® Flat File

Small and Pointed Tools: Dia-Sharp® Sharpeners, DuoSharp® Plus Sharpener.

Polishing: Dia-Paste® Diamond Compound

Flattening Water Stones: Dia-Flat™ Lapping Plate