Gardening, Landscaping & Floral

Simple , Effective and Eco-Friendly

DMT® diamond sharpeners renew your tool edges allowing yiou to enjoy effortless cuts again.  With a keen edge, garden and landscaping tools produce smooth, clean cuts that are better for plants.


A few strokes on a DMT® sharpener will renew your pruners and loppers, clippers, shears, scissors and other tools to contribute to a more productive gardening experience. No need for electricity or oils.

Sharp tools also require less effort, making pruning and clipping a simple task. DMT® offers a wide range of products for rapid restoration of the cutting edge on dull gardening tools. All DMT® products have The DMT® Difference -  highest quality construction and diamonds to give you the easiest, fastest sharpening ever.

Hone pruners, knives, loppers, edgers, axes, shears – even lawnmower blades. Horticulturists, gardeners, nursery growers, and enthusiasts worldwide turn to DMT Diamond Machining Technology for the finest cutting edge possible, every time!

Suggested Products by Application:

Pruners, Shears, Grafting Knife: DMT® Diafold® Flat File

Chain SawsDiafold® Chain Saw Sharpeners

Loppers, Pruning Saws, Edge Shears, Clippers, Pole Saws: DMT® Diafold®Sharpeners, Dia-Sharp® Mini-Hone®

Mower Blades: DMT® Diafold® Sharpeners, DuoSharp® Benchstones

Shovel, Spade, Hoe: DMT® Diamond Whetstone™ , Dia-Sharp®